Ashley Wade is a fitmom, wife, and owner of Wade Strong Fitness. WadeStrong Fitness is a company designed to promote healthy living through fitness, yoga, and nutrition.

In this episode I talk to Ashley about her start in fitness and all of the education she completed for a certification in pre and post natal fitness. We discuss the intricacies of what pregnant women and mothers need to pay attention to in their fitness routines.

She shares where’s the best place to start if you are building a new physical fitness routine to become a fitmom. Most importantly, we share what we do if we fall off the wagon. We talk about the need to refocus and renew our goals. This is especially helpful if we can’t manage working out a lot or just don’t feel like it.

We also talk about how transitioning from 1 to 2 babies and needing to choose your priorities when they are both needing you. This has definitely impacted Ashley and she has been successful in minimizing mommy guilt!

Simplicity is best, it’s what’s more inviting to moms.

Ashley Wade

There are times when I’ll let it go for a moment, I can get a little burned out…so I’ll take a week off and focus on rewriting goals…taking stuff off that might be unrealistic at the moment.

Ashley WAde

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