Today we are getting to the real real of how to plan for your baby and developing a realistic birth plan.

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A birth plan is more than the day of agenda for delivery. Yea, the apps showing pictures comparing your baby to the size of a melon are cute – but what about preparing your finances, your lifestyle, the people around you, and even your home for the big change that is to come with adding a child to your life. Nicole Ben gives some advice on how she planned for her arrival and what she’s doing to help others plan for their first, second, or more babies to the household. Her program is open for sign ups if you’re interested.

Nicole’s Bio

Nicole has helped dozens of women by focusing on their challenges and making a plan to overcome through strategic planning and aims to help expectant mothers do the same.

She got her start when she worked alongside Daughters of Zion Global Ministries, Inc. to empower women through a variety of faith-based programming. Nicole also used her beauty brand start-up, NeoTress, as a platform to focus on the hindrances that women face and to create solutions for how to persevere.


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