The beginning of the year is always an reminder to set some goals. Have you ever set a goal – and then looked at it not knowing where to start first?

As moms, we have big dreams and plenty of reasons that could potentially get in the way of realizing them. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. By attacking your goals in 2019, you can not only reach them, but surpass them and be a model to your children on how to do it.

Your purpose in life is what you find yourself doing over and over again.

This is all about implementation – the difference between one person achieving a goal and another person not is that the first person worked for it and relentlessly implemented actions that were aligned with that big, dreamy goal. Yep, relentlessly – somethings need obsession to get done, especially when you have little ones grabbing at you every hour.

There are three parts to this simple guide:

Assign numbers to your goals

Align your goals

Affirm your goals

1.   Assign numbers to your goals

Goals need measurements. You will not know that you’ve reached your goal without being able to measure the results or confirm whether you’ve done what you said you wanted to do.

Many people write a goal like “I want to be more financially responsible”. Well, how much money do you need to save? How much can you realistically save? Do you want to pay down 60% of your debt? Do you want to increase your income by 30% so that you can open one investment account?

When we don’t get specific enough with our goals, we cannot determine success. Don’t sell yourself short – put a realistic goal with numbers that you will have to reach for. You wrote it down – so you have to make it happen. Nothing like some internal motivation to get that hustle going.

2.   Align your goals

Before we do the actual work – I want you to take about 10 minutes and decide if your goals fit with who you are as a person. Your purpose in life is what you find yourself doing over and over again. Going in this direction will ultimately make you happier and more successful – so why would you write down goals that don’t align with your true self. Now, this is within reason.

If you own a business and are a person that is averse to selling, but having a sales model is integral to your business or job, then you’re going to have to work on your sales pitch – but keep that goal in line with your true purpose. You want to sell your program to 100 people in 6 months, one of your milestones could be to purchase a sales training to ultimately get 100 clients trusting in you with a sales model that works for you – i.e. work on making warm leads and sell to them, not cold leads.

Your values and purpose in life directly align with your “why” – when the times get tough, or you find yourself comparing where you are with another person, these values can bring you back in and help you to stay the course.

3.   Affirm your goals

Now we get to the most important part of this plan – remembering that you are worthy of what you say you want. I don’t care if you have the best goals written, if you’ve mapped out the next 6 months, or if you’ve even taken action already. If you don’t truly believe that you are capable and worthy of what you wrote down, those big, lofty, keep you up at night goals, then you won’t achieve them. We can all be successful.

I believe wholeheartedly that you have everything within you to get that dream account for the price you ask, and that you are capable of getting to that goal before the end of the year. And, you MUST believe it also.

Honestly, who are you to worry and not believe that it’s possible? The plan was put on your heart and God will equip you to complete it.

If you ever feel fear that you’ve set the bar too high, remember that where you are weak, there God is strong – so you know what you’re good at, just think how much more good God is at those things you’re not good at? 2 Cor. 12:10

As believers, we don’t have peace and strength like the world has, we don’t have the power that the world has. We have righteous and perfect peace, strength, and power.

So, really – who are you to doubt what’s been put within you? Who are you to shortchange the one who is guiding you. Check out Philippians 4:19 when you’re feeling down about what all you have in front of you!

Now, what do you think? Are you headed into 2019 with a real plan of how to get to those goals? Sound off below on what changes you plan to implement to get to the finish line?