Just this week we got hit with an article where fans were able to ask Beyoncé questions and it’s filled with gems from the queen and advice for new moms.

She was asked about her relaunch of Ivy Park, how she handles self doubt, what’s challenging to her, why she loves directing and being creative and more. 

In the interview there were plenty of takeaways and advice for new moms. You can tell while reading that motherhood has really shaped how she thinks, makes decisions, treats her body and the people around her. Becoming a mother, losing a child, and having twins was definitely peppering her answers and it serves as a great inspiration for any mom.

Here are 6 takeaways that any new mom can use when navigating this world of being a working mom.

1. Great things take a leap of faith

She had some troubles early on with the Ivy Park line but now she’s bringing it back with Adidas as a partner and ready to launch again. Her creativity stems from the leaps of faith she’s sometimes uncomfortable taking because she knows that’s where the big success comes from. Most great things in life happen because of some faith that it’s for the best or that it will all work out in the end. As mothers, don’t we take leaps of faith every day? We’re figuring out how to keep a human alive for the first time – each child is different and requires different needs. Each decision we make impact them greatly – so this leap of faith is something we might as well get comfortable with. As women we are more than just mothers, so in personal life, in your career, or in your relationship you may be faced with a leap of faith that you have to take and make the best decision for you.

2. Value yourself beyond your physical appearance

Postpartum can be a scary time physically. There’s the recovery from delivery, trying to get through the sleep deprivation, the mental ups and downs, changes from hormones, and then just your own thoughts about how much your body has changed. But guess what, you are more than just your physical appearance. And this is a reminder we might need 1 month after birth or even 10 years after birth. As women we tend to be too hard on ourselves physically but our worth and value should not be tied to how we look at any given moment.

3. We have more power than we realize

Beyonce learned to say no to things that weren’t good for her, and how much better would we be if we did as well. Saying no and taking ownership of the power we have can be life changing. As mothers we have proved we are stronger than we know and that power is just the beginning of a journey of strength and determination. Advice for new moms doesn’t usually talk about the power they have – but it gets heightened after pregnancy.

4. We need to mother ourselves no matter our upbringing

Beyonce had a very involved mother and father growing up and still found out she needed to mother herself after her miscarriages. Mothering doesn’t just start and stop at a certain age, or isn’t just allocated to those who have great parents. Motherhing is for all of us. Mothers are nurturers and caretakers. We listen to the aches and pains, get all of the tattle tales, ensure the children eat and kiss the boo boos. So do all of this for yourself. Take care of yourself like you would your own child. 

5. Start with intentions

Beyonce starts every big project with prayer and specific intentions. She has a lot at stake so she’s not just throwing everything at the wall and seeing what will stick. It takes planning, preparation, practice, and resources to accomplish the work she has completed. The same goes for us. No matter if it’s a renovation at our house, a new job, getting to know a new boss, or helping our child in a new school – all of our actions need to be started with the right intentions.

6. We have to listen to our bodies

Moms have this bad habit of toughing things out, being sick in the house and not resting when necessary, or taking on extra responsibility to prove we are super women. And that’s all fine – until it’s not. Our bodies have a natural way of protecting us and alerting us to the fact that we need to slow down, take a break, or stop altogether. When we listen to our bodies we get to understand the signals better and can preemptively make preparations or build in some extra rest. No one knows our bodies better than we do, speak up for your body! It’s the only one you’ll get.

Beyonce definitely has a life that’s vastly different than most of us, as a celebrity and entrepreneur she may have extra resources and help that we may or may not have available. But then again, there’s a lot that’s the same for her as for every woman. 

She too has to make time for her children and husband after work, she has to eat healthy to keep her body in tip top shape, she has to make tough decisions as an entrepreneur, and know when it’s time to say no, she has to figure out what’s best for her children and family. 

There is no guide to being a perfect working mother or perfect advice for new moms, if there was she would certainly have access to it. The guide is in listening and doing things in a way that honors the role as mothers that we’ve taken.