Survival of a Multifaceted Mom

Mini Series Part 1:

Getting Over Fear

survival of a multifaceted mom, getting over fear

Fear is something we all struggle with at times – here’s how I’m dealing with it and how you can work to push through fear to follow your passion and accomplish your goals.

  1. Break down what you are truly afraid of? Is it failure, not knowing how to do something, rejection, what others may think, wasting time and money? Once you break it down you may see that it won’t really be that bad and you can work through it.
  2. Is that passion project, new idea, or change really worth pursuing? Is it viable? Will it help your family, your progress, you? If it’s worth pursuing then go forward – you have nothing to fear.
  3. The biggest opponent to fear is information. Once you get informed about what is on the other side, the amount of fear you have will be reduced. Fear of the unknown is a big factor in keeping you from your greatness, so uncover the unknown.


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