Breegan Jane is a designer, entrepreneur, lifestyle expert and philanthropist in Los Angeles. As a mom of two boys Breegan is making due with the time she has so that she’s also able to give time to her business as well.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  1. Getting to the answers of how things will work, how to make time for everything you want, and figuring out the solutions to our problems earlier and faster will let us decide what we need to do differently and move forward.
  2. Mixing parenting with what kids need to grow and develop can make life easier – like teaching your children to clean and care for the house can help in both areas. Allowing our children to feel empowered keeps them wanting to contribute and channels their energy at times.
  3. When we do not do our work and follow through, it can usually be that frustrated parent that’s causing other things to fall and tumble.

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