Putting love as the foundation and giving yourself grace.

sybil amuti, mother, black mom

Sybil Clark Amuti is an executive brand strategist, podcast producer, co-host, philanthropist, coach, wife and mother.

She figured out what her path and purpose would be after going through some tragic events, including rape, thoughts of suicide, depression and more. This door opened a period of exploration where she ran towards God and learned her significance to God.

Now she teaches her children biblical principles and how to put love in everything. So, that leads us to a conversation about passion and how love has to be the foundation, because passion can easily fade.

I thought motherhood was going to crowd my life, but it has added so much volume…it has been one of the biggest contributors to my purpose.

Sybil Clark Amuti

Because of her strong relationship with her husband, she doesn’t think of her life as a juggle – she’s committed to what she knows she should be doing. They are aligned with her purpose.

With love as the foundation you start to understand that you can fulfill your passion.

Sybil Clark Amuti

Sybil’s co-founder of The Great Girlfriends, Brandice Daniel was recently on the podcast, check that one out too!

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