As a wife, mom, full time employee, founder of Mommifaceted and freelance writer – I know that my priority is my family. In order to make them a priority I have to spend time with each person individually so that they know that our family is close and we can create that bond.

Importance of taking time for each person

I want to build these relationships between my nuclear family so that my boys know they will always have each other, my husband, and myself. Growing up we were close knit, my sister, mother, father and I. We didn’t have extended family who lived close to us and had to travel to see family. Our bond continues today, my immediate family remains close.

For my children, I want that closeness. I’m also working for extended family to get closer, that’s part of why we moved to Texas. To do this, I work to spend specific time with each person. Some of it works, some doesn’t. I’m still working hard on this and figuring out the best way to do this.

This is how I’m starting. On this podcast episode, I’m sharing:

What I try to do for hubby

What I try to do for oldest son

What I try to do for youngest son