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This podcast and community for Black moms was started to highlight the fact that moms of color and Black moms are owning the many facets of our lives, we are not just one thing! We have varied passions, interests and we get ish done! Whether we are running our children to and fro, climbing the corporate ladder and side-hustling at night, or being the best CEO in heels, all of us are figuring it out day by day. There is no special formula, it’s all trial and error. We are highlighting HOW moms of color are making it all work in hopes to inspire and encourage others to just get going!

The tribe is a community of Black moms is the home for motherhood and career, as well as the popular Mommifaceted Podcast. This Black mom podcast features interviews of women who are figuring it all out. They will be sharing their life systems, hacks, tips, and tools to be successful in both worlds without sacrificing too much on either end. Join us!

The Mommifaceted woman values authenticity, community, saving time, self care, and being their best selves.


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Founder and host: Rachel Pierre

I am a believer, dreamer, doer, wife and mom who loves cooking for her family and going out to eat equally, being out in the sun, and celebrating the simple moments in life. As a child, I always dreamt about all of the things I would do with my children, celebrating holidays, hosting themed birthday parties, crafting, and making cute pancakes on Saturday mornings.

After I became a mother, the transition was not as easy as I thought.

I was struggling to figure out how to be supermom, a boss at work, a supportive and sexy wife, and still trying to get my business to take off! I don’t want to be a hot mess mom – I want to be able to do some of the things above well. So, I’m doing the work to see if it’s possible without burning out. If you have a topic you’d like discussed on the podcast, shoot me a message: Rachel@mommifaceted.com.

Mommifaceted is based out of Houston, Texas – but serves a national audience.

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