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If you’re a brand and want to connect with real Black working moms – you’ve found the right place. Let’s work together to create content that will resonate and build authentic content from your brand to this audience.

Podcasters and lifestyle bloggers have increasingly become more valuable as 80% of moms have listened to online radio and/or podcasts. Podcasts, influencers, and blogs have become the top go to resources for moms looking to make a purchase or decision, more than TV, magazines, and books. The fact of the matter is:

  • moms live a mobile lifestyle and easily adapt to other behaviors after consuming media
  • mothers drive social media and check in constantly throughout the day
  • new technology is welcomed by them
  • moms are heavy media consumers

One third of moms find new weekly time to listen to podcasts according to Edison Research, so working with Mommifaceted to assist you in reaching audiences that you might not otherwise be able to reach would help you access this precious time that moms have.

Lifestyle marketing is one of the most seamless ways a brand can receive a return on their investment. I always strive to create and produce high quality, engaging, and shareable content with my audience in mind specifically.  I have experience working with smaller boutique companies and household name brands on campaigns that has influenced, educated, and entertained. 

mom's summer bucket list

According to research services like Edison Research, Black women are one of the top focuses for marketers. Black women are influencing markets across the US and the majority of the $1 trillion spending decisions happen from the mothers. 

While podcast listeners are growing daily and with the Black spending power increasing, marketers are staying focused on how to tap into this market.

I have an audience and readership of over 15,000 individuals monthly across all of the Mommifaceted channels, and a potential total social media reach of 36,000. These are real mothers with real purchasing power. They want ways to make their lives easier, find the safest products to use around their families, get access to the best resources, experiences, and want to find community.

Over time, I have built trust among these listeners and readers and I am able to influence them with my advice and recommendations through the honest and engaging multi media content that I produce.

You can review some of my most recent work here:

If you would like to work with me please contact me at for quotes and more detailed information.


  • Aged 25-44 years old
  • 100% mothers; 78% working full time
  • College educated
  • The majority of the audience lives in the U.S. (top locations are Houston, New York, Atlanta, Washington DC, and Los Angeles)
  • Mainly working mothers who are seeking ways to create a beautiful home, find ways to care for themselves and their families, and excel in their pursuits



I will work to customize a package consisting of the services below to help bridge the gap between your brand and Black mothers that deepens the conversation ensuring that each side gets a voice.

Sponsored Content: If you are looking for your brand to be featured and promoted across Mommifaceted social channels, my creative digital content could be a perfect fit. I can produce:

  • Content creation and/or social media boost for your company channels.
  • Produce videos incorporating your brand into a lifestyle shoot.
  • Brand campaign/brand ambassadorship consisting of social media, engaging blog posts and photography, and social media.

Partnerships and Activations: A partnership or activation with Mommifaceted will provide an exclusive and innovative way to promote your brand. Through partnerships I will:

  • Identify and drive awareness of your products and brand to my unique, loyal, yet engaged audience – one that you might not have reached.
  • Connect and build relationships with Black mothers who are looking for resources and experiences for their unique motherhood journey.
  • Create activations that are engaging, educational, and thought provoking as a way for mothers to experience your brand first hand.

Advertisements: Podcast and website advertisements, including blog posts, videos, and social publishing are available for customization. Advertising is an option in the following elements:

  • Pre and mid roll ads
  • Affiliate partnerships
  • Contest and/or giveaway collaborations
  • Custom advertisements
  • E-newsletter campaigns

Contact me at to discuss how we can work together!