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Today I’m giving you my first hand experience of when bragging on myself actually benefited me. I’m not a supporter of going on and on about yourself, but sometimes – a little self-promotion is all you need to get yourself going, get some appreciation, and celebrate yourself the right way. Don’t be afraid of a little brag!

In the episode I talk about how bragging can be done the wrong way and the right way. I give my top reasons for why bragging works including:

  • the reasons why being too humble can cost you
  • celebration is a great break from the twists and turns of life
  • it can be a positive image for your children to see you celebrating a success.

Bragging or celebrating yourself, which is what I’m really promoting, can be done with a simple 3-step method that won’t feel sleezy or uncomfortable.

  1. Pick just 1 thing to brag about – breaking it down can make it quick and easy instead of elaborating on the entire back story.
  2. Make it a family thing where everyone can celebrate a weekly win.
  3. Celebrate yourself with a reward that you enjoy.

I created a separate and extra bragging worksheet so we can incorporate celebration of our successes into a weekly event!

Get your copy here.

I also included 25 low cost and quick ways to reward yourself – because we can’t all get to celebrate with a dream vacation. Sometimes, we gotta do it quickly before the kids get home, you know what I mean?

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